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October 19, 2011

World's Most Dangerous Dad by denverpopcorn
Review by JaimeArkin

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Edward Cullen leads a double life: Doting dad and devoted husband by day, special-op Navy SEAL by night. What happens when the government's number one gun is forced to balance work and diapers? Life's a bitch and then you kill someone. E/B, vignettes.  

It’s no secret that I adore denverpopcorn’s writing, I fell in love with her reading her first story, drift, and everything that has followed has been just as wonderful. World’s Most Dangerous Dad is something a bit different, a short series of vignettes she wrote initially for her friends. If you haven’t read anything by denverpopcorn, I will tell you this, she has incredible storytelling abilities and this story is a lot of cute, a lot of funny and a lot sweet.

The first chapter started out with a bang… literally. Edward and Bella are married… with kids. So sneaking in a little bit of naughty when time allows is definitely a must … until life interrupts.

"Fucking, Renee." 

"Ignore it," she says, with her mouth half under a pillow. Edward, having not really heard her through his own grunting, decides that's exactly what his wife is saying between her moans. 

She's under him, belly-down, and he's thrusting slowly, making sure his body slides on every pass. He's close and Bella's hand, snaking its way under her body to rock 'the little man in the boat', tells him she's close, too. 

Nothing feels as good as his wife under him. He can forget the outside world, the dangerous, unapologetic world, while he's rubbing up inside his wife, the mother of his... 

The phone rings again and he can't help curse out another, "Fucking, Renee." But in his state it comes out breathy, like it would be a pleasure to fuck his... 

"Stop...saying...that," gasps the voice under the pillow. He uncovers a smile under the ponytail stuck to her cheek with sweat. He kisses the side of her mouth. 

A few more passes, he thinks. 

There's stirring in his belly, and there's stirring from the other side of the baby monitor. 

Oh no. Not now. 

"The baby," she says, rising. 

Don't get up, my honeypot. Don't... 

"Edward, the baby's waking up." 

A few more grunts; his eyes are closed. When he was younger, he'd have been done and in the other room with the baby by now, but he's older, he found a gray hair on his chest the other day telling him so. He wants to blame work, but maybe he's simply getting old. 

"Edward," she pushes her ass up, forcing him to lift on his forearms. 

Ass up, just like on his birthday. 

But it's too late, she's pushed him off completely, mid-coitus, and it hurts like a son of a bitch. He's a stoic man and can take more pain than the average heavyweight. His breathing is laborious and his jaw is clenched tightly. He's on his back, forearm over his eyes, while the sounds of his wife walking around and pulling clothes out of a drawer take up head space. 

His dick is steel in the forge, his hand moves toward it. 

"Don't you dare!" she says. "If I go without, you go without." She throws a pair of boxers on him. "Get up. You have to get a haircut today, come with me to Home Depot, pick up my mom, and then I'll need you to go to the grocery store. The school wants Anthony to bring cupcakes again..." 

Edward has a secret, one he keeps from his family and friends. He’s a Navy Seal, a top-secret agent, but he’s also a husband and a dad with a ‘honey do’ list. The juxtaposition of these two big elements of his life make up this story and it’s done in a wonderful way. This story is only 3 chapters in at the time of writing this, but I promise you will enjoy each one of them. From a cockblock, to a teen daughters prom drama to the story of how they came to be, this promises to be another wonderful story from the incredibly talented denverpopcorn.

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