Completed Fic of the Week: 10/3/11

October 04, 2011

A Compendium of Thoughts by ItIsRaining
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: After Edward is struck with a serious illness, Bella offers to give him a ride to school every day. His musings on life are priceless and unique. Based in its entirety on a true story.

This story is a short but sweet one, based on a true story, and enhanced with our favorite Twilight characters. It is about a young girl making friends, and forming a bond with a boy who is facing the biggest fight of his life.

We start off with an email asking Bella and Angela to help get Edward Cullen to and from school as he is once again having seizures that make it impossible for him to drive himself. Bella and Angela while never being close with Edward are two very thoughtful and caring students that Mrs. Cope thinks will be the perfect duo to help out. Edward has been suffering from a brain tumor and the effects of the multiple brain surgeries he has had over the past year and Bella, seeing all that he has gone through and that he really doesn’t have any friends of his own anymore is determined to be there for him.

Finally, he spoke in a low voice. "I'm not really used to making friends, Bella. When I found out about the…tumor I just kind of let all of mine go." 

This explained his hesitation to open up to me in the beginning, as well. He had yet to talk to me in any detail about his illness, or whatever it was, but I wasn't going to push him. Edward was the kind of person who would come around when he was ready to tell me, when he trusted me enough. 

"Edward," I said softly. His head turned slightly in my direction. 

"Look at me." He did, his deep green eyes looking sad and defeated. "You're allowed to have friends. They could help you through this. You just need to let people see how special you are." 

He absorbed this and looked down in thought. I waited for a few minutes before I looked at my phone, checking the time. 

"We have to go inside now. It's up to you, okay? I would love if you came and sat with us today, but I won't force you. Think about it, I'll leave a seat open for you next to me and you're welcome to it if you choose." 

The amount of bravery that these two young teen’s show is so inspiring, and to know that it is based on a true story, the author’s own story, is positively amazing. This one is a quick ten chapters, but completely worth the read. I have read many Edward and Bella stories, but I can tell you this one moved me in ways that I didn’t think was possible in the world of FanFiction. If this story doesn’t touch your heart, then none will. I hope you like it as much as I did.

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