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October 24, 2011

Soul to Keep by TG81
Review by Dragonfly336

Rating: M
Genre: Supernatural/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: "What if I can give you everything you've ever wanted?" It's an exchange of sorts. All of Bella's dreams can come true, but at what cost, and more importantly, is it worth it?

Who hasn’t uttered the words that they would sell their soul for something? Or at least thought about the possibility of having everything you want to come true? The perfect job, the perfect body, to eat whatever they want and never gain weight, to have Robert Patt...er, Edward Cullen fall in love with them? I know I have and TG81 explores this very concept in Soul to Keep.

We meet Bella Swan when she is at a party, feeling bad because her boyfriend, Mike, is home sick. She feels so guilty, in fact, that she leaves the party to go check on him. Only, when she gets to Mike’s and finds that he definitely is not sick and is in quite the compromising position with Jessica Stanley. After she leaves and gets home, we get a clear picture of who Bella is.

I am average-in hair and eye color, height and weight. I'm not skinny, but I'm not eating eight thousand calories a day, either. I'm a size ten or twelve, depending on the clothing. Like I said, average. I work for a newspaper doing the movie reviews and sometimes fill in for Alice, the girl who writes the daily horoscopes. I'm smart, I can be funny, and I've always gotten along with people. So what is it about me that drives men to be unfaithful or gay, my pets to run away, and have the most mundane existence known to mankind? 

After the Mike episode, Bella makes a commitment to herself to not be so average anymore; she starts submitting her resume for bigger and better jobs, and she also starts going to the gym, but is impatient with not seeing any results. She meets Alice for coffee one day and says the phrase that changes her life forever.

I plop down in the chair across from Alice and can't wait to dig into my scone. 

"Didn't you just come from working out?" Alice asks me as she raises an eyebrow, judging me. 

"Yup." I break off a piece and shove it in my mouth. "This is so good," I moan appreciatively. 

"I'm sure," Alice's voice is dripping in sarcasm. I may be able to dip my scone in it. 

"I mean, I'd sell my soul for a lifetime of these," I exaggerate. Kind of. 

Alice does a spit take and excuses herself. She comes back from the restroom more composed. 

Alice is intrigued by what she says and tries to dig and see what Bella would really sell her soul for. 

"A lump sum? As in, everything I've ever wanted?" I clarify. 

She nods. This conversation has taken a bizarre twist. I thought we were going to have a coffee and gossip about Lauren Mallory and the two grapefruits she recently had bolted to her chest. I scan the room, trying to give myself time to think. My eyes land on a copy of USA Today where Edward Cullen is on the cover. He's the most successful land developer since Donald Trump, and his hair is real. 

"Edward Cullen," I declare. 

I don’t want to give too much of this story away, but can I just say that this Alice and Jasper is probably in my top five characterizations of them in fic. Here’s a little taste:

"I'm freezing!" He cups his hands around his mouth, warming them up. 

"Uh, Jasper, it's at least seventy-five degrees right now," I chime in. 

"I'm used to at least at least ninety, and would some humidity fucking kill anyone?" Jasper folds his arms, and wait-is he pouting? 

"Bella, ignore him. He gets whiny when he doesn't get to piss is someone's Cheerios every twenty minutes." Alice grins, and I get the feeling that she's spot on and I see Jasper's eyes have turned black as well. 

"Just remember, Bella, you wouldn't want to be a Jessica, now would you?" Jasper's voice is deceptively calm. I don't like it. 

"What the hell?" Alice pokes his chest, and he winces. "Would you just stop talking already?" 

"Why don't you make me by putting your mouth on my cock like a good little minion," he sneers. 

"And...that's my cue to go." I really don't want to hear the rest of this. 

This story has it all. A little supernatural, a little drama, a little romance, and TG81 is incredibly witty! It is a quick nineteen chapters in and you will get sucked into this story! Please give it a try...you won’t regret it!

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