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October 26, 2011

I Never: Edward & Bella by SqueakyZorro
Review by AbbyCreations

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: OS expanded. What makes a first love special? Is it worth waiting for? Is it worth working for, to make it last? Our favorite couple as college students who find each other and some answers. AH. M for underage drinking, drug reference, and later citrus.

I have come across few stories, if any, that devote much time to exploring Edward and Bella without each other. In other words, most stories have these two character's meet almost immediately. Most readers, and by extension most writers, are eager to get to the meat and potatoes of a story and that involves having their pair meet. SqueakyZorro is a breath of fresh air. The story is currently four chapters in and Edward and Bella are yet to meet. Now I know that this might seem unacceptable to some but please give this story a chance before passing judgment. It's truly a good read.

I was excited to read a story that explored Bella before she met Edward and vice versa. They are both students at William & Mary and their first semester of freshman year is spent making new friends and forging their collegiate paths. They are separate but sharing the same endeavor. We are assured they will eventually meet and get together but it will be a slow journey. The story flows easily and it's a pleasant read. I have no doubt that those patient readers will be rewarded.

As Bella's roommate Kate is the more experienced of the two, both sexually and socially. She offers advice liberally and so far seems to be a good friend to Bella.

Kate's voice matched her smile. "It sure can be." She tilted her head. "Why? Are you thinking about letting Mike or Eric stamp your v-card? They both looked like they'd be happy to oblige." 

Mike and Eric are both trying to get Bella's attention and of course there is Jacob who doesn't get the hint. The Jacob and Bella dynamic is a little different in that Bella is much more upfront about her feelings or lack thereof. I am interested to see where SneakyZorro takes their relationship in light of the fact that Jacob might be joining her at William & Mary.

Clearing his throat when he realized I wouldn't bite, he asked, "So, are you seeing anyone?" I sighed. 

Like Charlie, Jake's strengths did not include subtlety. 

"I've been dating a little, nothing serious. How about you?" 

I heard a snort over the line. "Duh, no. I told you; I'm waiting for you, babe." 

I snorted impatiently. "I told you, too. It's not gonna happen. Let's not have a repeat of that conversation. Please." 

As usual, anything he didn't want to hear just didn't penetrate. "Hey, I applied to William & Mary. Should hear sometime after the holidays. So, who is this guy you're dating?" 

"Just another freshman. I said it's not serious." I did not relish the thought of a detailed conversation about Mike when I wasn't sure myself where that relationship stood. "Jake, don't come—or at least, don't come for me. You're just going to get hurt. I love you. You're my best friend. But please let that be all." Why does he have to be so stubborn? 

I have found it to be very well written and the characters that are commonly pushed aside and ignored are given a prominent role in these first four chapters. They are fleshed out and interesting. I did not, as I often do, find myself skimming past anything in order to get to Bella and Edward. I'm excited for them to meet but I will patiently wait!

 If you're looking for something new to read I strongly encourage you to give I Never: Edward & Bella a try. It's definitely worth it.


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