What's Your Fantasy? Twilight Erotica Challege Winners

October 21, 2011
It was an honor to be asked to post the reviews and get a special award to hand out for the What's Your Fantasy? Twilight Erotica Challenge! I also urge you to head over to PIC's FanFic Corner to read the interviews with the winning authors! Without further ado..here are the winners and the reviews!

Honey, Where's Your Car? by Artemis Leaena
Review by AydenMorgen and pkmarita
When we decided to host the What's Your Fantasy? Twilight Erotica Challenge, we had no idea what type of entries to expect. We knew what we wanted to see, of course - words that painted a picture and left us feeling breathless... as if we were there - but what you hope for isn't always what you get.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to read a story that not only painted a picture that drew us in, but one that left us panting before Edward even touched Bella. That entry was Artemis Leaena's Honey, Where's Your Car, our first place Judges' Choice winner and our second place Public Choice winner.

Honey, Where's Your Car begins with Bella arriving home on a special occasion, certain that Edward has forgotten and she'll be made to spend the night doing nothing but cleaning. It doesn't quite work out that way, however, and Edward surprises Bella with one incredibly steamy encounter that leaves us all wondering one simple thing... where is his car?

In less than 9,000 words, Artemis proved that power can come in small packages. She weaved not just a truly erotic piece, but a story with depth. From an Edward that frequently frustrates Bella, to a Bella frequently captivated by her flawed husband to the completely delicious encounter laid out in Honey, Where's My Car, we were hooked.

This entry was, for us, an example of exactly why that old writing adage to show and not tell has become so popular. A reader wants to see what the author sees...and Artemis Leaena gave us exactly that throughout this one-shot.

The room was dark, and it took my eyes a moment or two to adjust, but once they did, I was struck dumb by the sight of my husband casually leaning against the wall wearing nothing but a pair of dark silky boxers. The weak moonlight peeping through the gauzy curtains caused his unruly, bronze hair to appear darker and caused his pale, sinewy body to be thrown into a series of contrasting shadowy depths and illuminated bulges. 

Equally as important, she left us shifting in our seats before clothing was ever shed.

He still hadn't laid a hand on me, but I felt surrounded, dominated, and thoroughly captivated by him. His lips were ghosting over my earlobe as he spoke again, but in a lower, wispier voice. "Ten years ago tonight," he finally pressed his full, pouty lips to the point on my neck right behind my ear. The contact was too brief, and his mouth went back to teasing my nerve endings. "You became mine." 

As pkmarita, one of the contest judges, had to say when asked why she chose Honey, Where's Your Car as her favorite:

Ask and you shall receive...and boy did I get what I asked for. Artemis Leaena had me hooked from jump, and although Ayden has already quoted a few lines from the one-shot, I have to add my favorite here as well:

Tiny, nipping kisses marked the path his lips took from where my neck joined my shoulder up to my mouth, where he hovered directly above my lips. His moist, pink tongue darted out over his bottom lip before he pulled it slowly back in and audibly swallowed. His eyes were indecisively torn between gazing into my own, or staring at my mouth. They finally settled on my lips as he rasped out, "And your taste," he swallowed again, "is like a drug that I would happily overdose on a million times over." 

The way the one shot flows and captivates you is beyond any I have ever read. I couldn’t stop reading, and we had a handful of one-shots submitted that were really great. Honey, Where’s Your Car just did it for me though. It gave me exactly what I was looking for in an erotic tale. The picture she painted literally leaped from the screen at me. I hope to read more of Artemis Leaena’s writing. She truly is a woman who knows erotica.

If you haven't already read Honey, Where's Your Car and are in need of a beautifully written and erotic quick-read, we encourage you to head over to Artemis Leaena's profile http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2605713/Artemis_Leaena and read it now. You won't be disappointed!

We also encourage you to check out Artemis Leaena’s interview with PIC’s FF Corner! http://picffcorner.blogspot.com/2011/10/mrs-white-looks-for-cars-with-artemis.html

Tower 32 by wandb
Review by beegurl13  

Have you ever been to the beach? Ever sat back, relaxing in the sand while watching waves crash into the shore over and over again? How about surfer boys? Ever seen any of them as they ride along the edge of a huge swell, bending and twisting with the waves and the white foam caps on the water? Have you ever swooned over one of those surfer boys as he walked out of the water, on the sand, carrying his board, his shorts slung low on his hips, shaking his hair to the side as water droplets go flying?

Well, if you haven't...you're missing out. Lucky for you, one of the winning stories from the Twilight Erotica Challenge has all those things and more, and you'll get sucked in faster than a wave can crash against the shore line.

Tower 32 by Wandb is the story of Bella, a lifeguard at her local beach. She loves her job, everything about it, especially one special surfer boy that always tends to distract her when she really should be working.


Having grown up in a beach town and lifeguarding every summer for the last five years, I had seen my share of gorgeous, physically fit boys. But one stood out. He wore his board shorts slung low on his hips, and his chest and torso were well-defined from the hours spent surfing. He had a tan line at his waist that always made me curious to see just how fair-skinned he really was. It called to me. 

The best thing about him was his face. He was so beautiful it was almost painful. He had a chiseled jaw that was often dusted with light stubble, and a great smile that reflected his confidence. Even from my tower, I could see his eyes sparkle with mischief, making me wonder what color they were. They were a brilliant green in my frequent Surfer Boy dreams, where he was on top of me, skin glistening with sweat, neck and back muscles straining, head thrown back in ecstasy…. Dammit! 

I sighed as I leaned back in my chair with my binoculars and scanned the water, searching for the bronze god who had driven me to distraction all summer. I could sit and watch him all day long, and that was a problem. He made it incredibly hard to stay focused on my job. I also had to sit by and watch scores of girls in skimpy bikinis hit on him. Watching them, I discovered that girls could be shameless, and I found their attempts at seduction comical. 

I shook my head to clear the daydream and started scanning the beach. I quickly spotted my surfer boy and struggled to tear my eyes away as he got out of the water and did that sexy hair shake that all surfer guys seemed to master. He pulled it off like no one else with his unruly, thick mane of bronze hair that was artfully disheveled. Drops of water dripped down his face and onto to his board shorts, drawing my eyes to his toned body. I'd never wanted to be a drop of water so badly in my life.


One day as Bella's watching the water, and her bronze haired surfer boy, his board washes up on shore, but he's no where to be seen. Next thing you know, Bella's running across the sand, reaching the water's edge just as a bloodied Edward is being helped out of the water by his friends. Being a lifeguard, Bella insists on taking Edward to her tower and getting him cleaned up, making sure he's okay. After a little flirting, each of them admitting they've noticed the other, and maybe a reference to Baywatch babes, Edward is inviting Bella along to a bonfire with him and his friends, wanting to thank her. And maybe also wanting to spend a little more time with her.

Now, the whole point of the contest was for the author to write a smokin' hot, sizzling, sexy, erotic love scene, so you know there's one coming up. And trust me, Wandb did not disappoint.


"And you're kind of a flirt, you know that?" he whispered in my ear. "Not that I mind at all." 

"What can I say? You bring it out in me." Truer words had never been spoken. 

His hands moved slowly up and down my legs, leaving a trail of heat in their wake. "I like this song," he whispered in my ear before planting a small kiss on my neck. If we hadn't have been so removed from the group, everyone there would have been able to hear my moan, but as it was Edward was the only one. "Hmm…if you keep making those sounds…" 

His hands moved to my calves, which were bent up in front of me. Slowly, they slid down my legs and slipped inside my boots. 

"Your boots are soft and warm." He gave my ankles a squeeze, and I'd never realized someone touching my ankles could be so sexy. 

I let my head fall back against him as he softly rubbed my legs. I wanted to kiss him so badly. 

"I've never loved my Ugg boots so much in my life," I confessed breathily as I turned my head into his neck and breathed him in. He was still rubbing my legs, but I was suddenly overcome with his scent. How had I not notice this before? He smelled like surfer – salty and sweet like SexWax and ocean. "And you smell so good."

Did I really just admit that out loud? 

"Want to get out of here?" 


Tower 32 is a sweet love story that leaves me wanting more. More witty banter, more sexy glances, more smoldering kisses, more more more! The characters Wandb has created are real, honest, and totally lovable. The storyline pulled me in and just didn't let go. I was completely captivated from the first word to the last, and to be honest, the first thing I said to the author once I knew who wrote this was, “Are you going to continue this, because I want more!” I can't tell you if she will or not, but I'm hoping and praying that it will happen.

If you want a story that will help you relive those wild, carefree summers of your youth, Tower 32 is the story for you. Sexy surfer boys, hottie lifeguards, evening bonfires on the beach...how can you possibly go wrong? Check it out, you won't be sorry.

Also, don't miss Wandb's interview with Mrs. White over on PIC FanFic Corner. It's kinda fun... :D http://picffcorner.blogspot.com/2011/10/hey-everyone-we-are-getting-special.html


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