Completed Fic of the Week: 6/4/12

June 06, 2012

A Shock to the System by BilliCullen
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Edward and Bella meet on a blind date. It's hate at first sight. Can unforeseen circumstances show them what they missed? 

This week’s completed fic of the week, A Shock to the System, really captured my attention right from the start. Bella is a hard working, snarky, dependable, independent woman, and she is used to the order that has become her life. After losing both of her parents when she was young, Bella only ever bonded with fellow orphans Ben and Angela. They become her family and Bella isn’t ready for anything to break that bubble. She doesn’t feel she needs a man because she has been burnt before and she is perfectly happy keeping things the way they are. She is very much looking forward to Ben and Angela welcoming a new addition to their family and Bella honestly can’t wait to become Aunt Bella, but that is the extent of her acceptance with new.

Ben and Angela on the other hand, are desperate to find Bella someone that she can love as much as they love one another. They don’t want her to be alone and know that if she can meet that one perfect guy she will understand why they want this for her. Ben has been working with Edward Cullen for about a year, and after several conversations with Angela they have decided that Edward is that perfect guy. Too bad Edward and Bella aren’t real keen on being set up. After meeting and basically doing whatever they can to piss the other one off, it looks like Edward and Bella will never be able to get along.

"Hey Bella, I wanted to apologize for my lack of manners and rude behavior when we last saw each other. I was out of line with my actions, burping and all," he said, looking at me sincerely. I noticed for the first time how green his eyes were in comparison to the blue hue the first time we met. They were dazzling and the combo of the hair and the eyes, well I have to say Angela was right, he was pretty. 

"Well Cullen, I'd say we were both out of line, I owe you an apology as well. I lost my temper and I shouldn't have acted that way. I know you mean the world to Ben and Ang," I told him, swallowing my pride and letting myself become as humble as necessary to make this right for my best friends. 

"Well even if I do hate Billy Idol and he is a horrible representation of his genre, I shouldn't have said those things. Even if you were being kind of a bitch, I should've let it go, so we were both clearly wrong here," he said seriously, shaking his head. 

Wait just a minute, was he just re-offending me? What. The. Fuck? This guy was seriously a piece of fucking work! 

"Excuse me? If you think I was being a bitch then clearly you must admit you were being a dick?" I shot back at him incredulously, my eyes opening widely in disbelief, my mouth in an 'O' shape. 

"What? No, no, I was only saying I reacted to you reacting, I thought you understood... were admitting to being a bitch?" he answered, his hands raised in surrender and his brows furrowed in confusion. 

Fortunately for these two, their best friends look out for them more than they can ever possibly imagine. After tragedy strikes, Bella and Edward are forced into a situation where they have to learn to not only get along but to live together.

"In the matter of the home currently owned outright by Benjamin R. and Angela G. Cheney, it and all its contents are bequeathed to Isabella M. Swan, to use in whatever way she sees fit to care for their son Robert Charles Cheney. In the matter of the minor, Robert Charles Cheney, joint custody is to be shared between Isabella M. Swan and Edward A. M. Cullen. It has been requested that said joint custody should be shared in the home listed in the paperwork and that it should be for a minimum of one year. At the end of that one year you are free to live apart and sell the home if necessary to support the minor child. You will however, be required until said minor is eighteen years of age, to continue to share custody of minor child." he stated firmly. 

This story is dubbed as Romance/Humor and for the most part it is. There is a small bit of sadness that happens around Chapter 5, but for this “no angst please reviewer” BilliCullen was able to keep the sad to a reasonable level. While I did cry, I also understood why things had to happen the way they did. I really hope you will give this one a chance. BilliCullen is really close to hitting that one-thousand review mark but I would love to see her surpass it tenfold, she really deserves it.

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  1. Billi said...:

    I'm not sure how I missed the fact that I made it on this blog. I'm so honored and humbled that I'm here being recognized for my story, A Shock to the System. Thanks for the recommendation, I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it.
    AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD, thank you for the sweet review, I got tears in my eyes. It was so lovely.

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