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June 27, 2012

Gull to the Wind by ineedyoursway
Review by Ruibin_Rua

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: All-consuming, irreversible love. Edward, 25, frontman of band The Masens, falls hard.

There are some writers in the fandom who really stand out from the crowd, writing in a style that is both unique and refreshing. Ineedyoursway is definitely one of those writers. She has an easy, almost irreverent style of writing that I have rarely seen replicated and her ‘voice’ is always authentic. Having loved a previous story of hers, Young Pilgrims, I was delighted to review Gull to the Wind and bring her to the attention of a larger audience.

This story opens rather strangely, as we meet Bella for the first time while she is waiting on a doctor’s appointment to change her birth control prescription. This unusual setting gives us our first glimpse into the quirky mind of Bella Swan.

“I can't talk seriously about my vagina with someone who has kittens all over them. It's like a pregnant cat threw up on her body.” 

This Bella is still in high school, about to enter her senior year, but she’s a teenager with a definite twist and an attitude very much her own. She is caught in that awkward faze of not caring what others think of her and struggling to carve her own path. Funnily enough, her best friend in this story is an unapologetically whorish Jessica, and their interactions provide a lot of laughs.

Jessica puts on something skimpy and throws a clear poncho over it. I appraise her, arms crossed. 

"You look like a water proof stripper." 

The meat of this story begins when Bella meets Edward for the first time. I think this is probably the first time ever that a Bella and Edward have met because of Bella’s insane need to pee! Frustrated by the long line for the porta-loos, Bella goes in search of an alternative and ends up borrowing Edward’s VIP lanyard to use the private restrooms. Little does she realise that he is Edward Cullen, famous and elusive musician.

"My bladder thanks you so much!" I exclaim, throwing my arms around his shoulders and kissing his cheek. It reddens. 

Little do I know, this won't be the only time today that I unknowingly kiss Edward Cullen. 

The way this story progresses after this first meeting is surprising and more than a little off-the-wall, but that’s part of the experience. Just leave your preconceived notions at the door and allow Ineedyoursway to take you for ride. As Bella herself says, “you never know…”

"Edward Cullen," I state. 

I pinch my arm. 

"Did you just pinch yourself?" he asks, baffled. He's almost laughing. I'm probably delirious. 

"I was just checking!" I reply defensively, crossing my arms. "You never know.” 

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