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August 06, 2012

Downward Spiral by Content1
Review by AngelycDevil

Rating: M
Genre: Horror/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Post-BD EU. Captured by the Volturi, Edward faces a nightmarish choice as Aro enacts a diabolical plan to break him. As Edward's hold on his sanity weakens, only his memories of Bella help him stay strong as he faces the ultimate test. Mentalward Winner

Before you begin reading my review, let me ask you one thing: Have you ever read a work of fiction that you can’t describe? One where even though, you’ve somehow managed to wrap your head around the story but you can’t bring yourself to convoy the complex plot or the depth of the emotions that ensnarl the characters because you know that you can’t do it justice, so you simply say, “Just read it” before imparting the very basic scenario and plot line of the work to your friend and then changing the subject?

That is exactly what I was feeling minutes ago. Minutes ago, I was sitting in living room, staring at a blank page, frustrated at myself for signing up to review this fic (that’s a compliment!) because I’d just realized that there is no way that I can even begin to explain this bewitching piece of fiction. But I’m going to try because I want to share this wonderful writing with as many people as I can.

Downward Spiral began as an entry for a Mentalward contest by Crmcneill eventually became the first two chapters. Sadly, Crmcneill was unable to continue his work which is where Content1 swoops in and saves the story! As you can see from the banner above and the fact that it was an entry to a Mentalward contest, this is story does not feature our sane, kind, loving Edward. Instead, this portrayal of Edward is dark, twisted, impulsive, and well, in a word…a monster.

He had succeeded. He had broken me. But not in the manner he expected. 

The monster attacked the moment they entered my cell. Felix's arm was torn off at the elbow before he could blink. The monster threw him aside and lunged for the door. Jane's gift immobilized him with pain, but even then he thrashed about in frenzy. Alec blinded and numbed, but his gift only worked on physical senses. Using the sight of the Volturi guards for perspective, still he attacked. When sight and sound returned, he was pinned to the wall by four massive guards, snarling ferociously; the guards' arms and faces marked by bites and gouges inflicted by the monster's blind rage.

And that is why, to this day, I cannot understand why I started reading this, why I couldn’t put it down, and why I keep coming back for more. Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe Content1 does a fantastic job of roping us in, making our eyes widen, forcing our hearts to beat faster and faster until we get addicted to MentalWard before giving us a happily ever after…but wait, it’s not over yet!

"And I will not forget this either, Aro!" Carlisle roared into the phone. "This is my warning to you; the Cullen family no longer recognizes the legal or moral authority of the Volturi, who have imprisoned and tortured one of our members without cause. Any member of the Volturi or its Guard found in our territory will be considered hostile, and attacked on sight. In addition, we will be informing our friends and allies of the treatment Edward received at your hands. I'm sure they will all be quite interested to hear this particular story." 

He paused for a moment before continuing. "Out of respect for our former friendship, I offer you this advice. If you intend to send any of your puppets against us, make sure to supply them with a properly labeled urn, so that their remains may be returned to you as expeditiously as possible. This conversation is over."

This is the part when I realized that this wasn’t going to end with the traditional happily ever after. Too much had been done. Too much pain. Too much loss. The Volturi has gone too far. The Volturi underestimated the Cullens, stretched them to the limit, and pushed them over the edge. The Volturi underestimated the bond of the Cullen family, their control because even though they feed from animals, they’re still vampires.

I realized that there will be more blood, more suffering, pain, loss, heartache.

I wanted to bask in the light of this long forgotten emotion, but it terrified me. I had been so long in the darkness, and painful experience had taught me to fear stepping into the light. I feared the horror that I knew waited to snatch me up if I let my guard down, even for a moment. I began to withdraw, shutting down, welcoming the darkness, but held onto the hand clutching mine with all my might.

I realized there will be a revolution.

Henceforth, my coven does not recognize the dictates of the lawless and faithless. We will continue to follow the rules that have served our kind well for millennia. Those that would join us in maintaining fair and altruistic governance are welcome. 
Carlisle Cullen. 

I heard Carlisle's message repeating in their heads. It was inflammatory, and it would ensure that the Volturi would come. I didn't know whether to hope it would, or that Aro would ignore it. I doubted he would though…he would see it as a direct challenge.

 I realized that nothing will ever be the same.

 The others retreated, leaving Carlisle and I to fight…the father and the son…the peaceful one against the lost one. Neither of us had particularly put much into our fighting before…he hadn't had the heart, I hadn't cared. 

But not this time, this time we both allowed the monsters loose…

 All in all, Downward Spiral is a perfect mixture of insanity, love, revenge, family, and vampirism wrapped in a bow with Content1’s coherent writing style and nostalgic plot.



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