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June 23, 2012

A Street With No End by ExquisiteEdward
Review by Agrutle

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: One night, Dr. Cullen's life becomes painfully entangled with a woman whose world he alters forever. What lengths will he go to in search of redemption? Or can the redemption he so desperately seeks be found within himself? AH.

I must say when I signed up to write this review for A Street With No End, I was rather excited. I loved author, ExquisiteEdward’s story Color of Loneliness, so I was eager to see what this story was going to be. I wasn’t disappointed and I’m hooked after reading the first two chapters.

We are introduced to Edward as he is seeing his last patient for the night. He’s tired, starting to get sick and has been at the hospital for almost 36 hours. He just wants to finish up and go home to his fiancee. When he finally gets to leave he fights sleep as he drives.

Once seated in my Volvo, I blow out a heavy breath. I watch it spin a white color before it vanishes in the chill of my car. My head falls back against the headrest, and I close my eyes. Even my neck aches. For a moment, I consider crawling into the backseat to take a quick nap but decide against it when I begin to shiver again. I just want to get home to my soft bed that's covered in insanely expensive sheets. Sheets that my fiancĂ©e had insisted upon. 

Cupping my hands together, I blow into them before I flip the heat on high. The clock on my dash reads 12:30 a.m. I should be home and in my warm bed no later than 1:00. Sighing, I hold tight to that thought. Just a little bit longer… 

As I drive, the car begins to warm. I feel the heat around me like a blanket that's been pulled out of a hot dryer. Every muscle in my worn, exhausted body relaxes. My eyelids feel heavy. So heavy. 

I watch the lines on the pavement. Each line whipping past in a soothing, rhythmic pattern. Lulling me. Pulling me under. Deeper… 

My eyes snap open, my heart pounds. I must have dozed off. I'm not sure how long. Although it must have only been a few seconds. But that's all it takes… just a few seconds. 

Scrubbing my hand across my eyes, I straighten in my seat and switch off the heat. I roll the window down about two inches, letting in the chilled Chicago air, knowing that will help keep me alert. 

 Silent, tiny droplets of rain begin to spray across my windshield. I don't turn on the wipers right away. Instead, I watch as the water collects and makes streaky kaleidoscope-like patterns as the wind pushes and pulls the beads across the window. 

As I exit the highway, I drag in a deep breath. I'm about half-way home. There's not much traffic out this late at night. For a while, I watch the taillights in the distance until my gaze is pulled back to those lines on the pavement again. Line. After line. After line. After line. So hypnotic. My body feels weighted. I am so tired. So very, very tired… 

My ears are pierced by a deafening crack of thunderous sound. Like metal being smashed instantaneously in a compactor. My body is violently jerked and tossed about. And then silence. I feel disoriented. And there's pain. A throbbing sensation. Intense. Not like the body aches I had earlier. Much sharper. I feel it radiating down my chest. And across my stomach. I find it difficult to breathe. Someone shouts. I hear several voices. They're fearful and panicked. 

Where am I? 

Edward wakes up and realizes there has been an accident. His adrenaline kicks in causing him to slip into doctor mode. He asses the situation, and checks on the people in an old red pickup that has been flipped over. While he is doing all of this he is thinking in the back of his mind, Am I a Murderer?

Come and get into this story with me, the author ExquisiteEdward has a way of painting the picture so that you can see it in your mind. You know you want to see what happens! I, for one will be there to find out if Edward is a murderer or not. Don’t forget to leave the author some love!


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