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November 07, 2011

Over the Rainbow by EquiVamp
Review by FictionFreak95

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Characters: Bella

Summary: School's out for the summer and Bella's about to take a journey to the otherside of the rainbow. She knows her Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman in real life, but will her trip over the rainbow be enough to help her find true love? 

“We’re not in Forks, anymore, Cullen.” 

Did you watch The Wizard of Oz when you were growing up? Maybe your kids watch it now? Maybe you don’t have kids but you still watch it like I do? Did you fall in love with the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man like I did? Did you read what I consider some of the fanfiction version of this story, Wicked, and see its fantastic Broadway show when it came to your town?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are going to die for this fic.

Equi writes some straight up chill factor words in this crossover with laughs and heart clutches sprinkled in throughout as well. It is chock full of both Twilight moments and Wizardly moments and most of the Twilight cast at least makes an appearance. (P.S. not all necessarily are canon. *waggles eyebrows*)

So, starting out, Bella is in high school with a “strange”, brooding, outcast of an Edward…

"You know," he said suddenly, "If you had any kind of brains, you'd stay away from me." 

"Let's make believe I'm brainless. Will you change your mind and come with us?" 

"No, probably not." 

A strong yet sweet and polite, to the extent that he won’t fight back when getting harassed, Emmett (totally swoon worthy)…

"Emmett, why do you let them harass you?" I asked. "You could take them all." And it was true. 

Emmett McCarty was no light weight, not physically anyway. He was as tall as Jasper, maybe taller, and he definitely had more muscle than any of the jocks in school. He was the only nerd on the planet who built better than Vin Diesel. 

…. "Its not right… to hit. Mom said, never to hit." 

And a seemingly heartless Jasper Hale…

"You are a goddamned tease. You should be my girl. On my arm. In my car." He paused for a breath and added, "In my bed." 

Complete with evil twin sister, Rosalie in tow…

"Try explaining to daddy that you weren't drinking when you are covered in the evidence… Does the chief know where his little girl is tonight?" 

I wonder if you can tell from these passages who will be who once Bella crosses over to Munchkinland!

In the beginning of the story, Bella decides to go to a carnival that just arrived in town with her girlfriends and runs into Madame Mary Alice who eerily tells her of her future… and to get a dog. *ded*

"Hmm… I see true love… and a great journey… three men and one is your destiny." 

"A great journey?" I asked. 


"Where am I going?" 

"Vacation?" She asked. 

Uh, no. "You mean you don't know?" 

"Do you?" 

Before I could form a response she said, "Hush child." 

Child? She couldn't have been more than a few years older than me, if that. But I didn't argue. 

"Mm-hmm… yes…" she mumbled to herself as she stared at the ball. 


"Do you have a dog?" 


"Get one." 

She later reluctantly attends a party, thrown by the evil Hale twins, one night and runs off after an altercation with Jasper, into a storm. That’s where the story really takes off. I can’t give too much away, I don’t want to ruin the introductions or the little twists and turns we get here but I will tell you this… Equi has weaved a delicious mixture of the two stories while adding in just enough original plot to make you sincerely fall in love with these characters even more so than you did in the first place.

Another bonus, Equi has put her very own original spin on the character’s descriptions that will make you think this is a whole new story all together, in some ways.

Thus far, this story is 16 chapters in and yet only has around 50 reviews, guys.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just because it’s unknown, doesn’t mean it’s not epic.

Go, find equi, read this tale of twisted fates and destinies and leave her some lovin’ when you’re done because this story does not have nearly the amount of reviews that it should have, in my humble opinion that is.


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