TheUnderStudy's Rec of the Week: 10/31/11

November 01, 2011

Real Plastic Trees by Hotmessica
Review by TheUnderStudy

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Emmett & Rosalie

Summary: In the pages of every high school yearbook, there is a girl that everyone thinks they know. I'm her, and sometimes, I don't even know myself. But he does. A/H

There are not a lot of Rosalie/Emmett stories in fandom, but this one was a perfect slice of heaven. Co-authors, Mer & Jessica, have placed our blondie and monkey man in high school. This story is a search of Rose’s journey to discover her true self. This is one of the best written Rosalie’s I have seen in a while.

The first chapter is a bit of a revelation for Rose. She is starting to remove her ‘rose’ colored glasses and realizes that maybe she wants something more. She is the it-girl, the senior, the rich girl with the similarly classed besties and a boyfriend that is expected of her. So why is she not happy?

“Scrolling through my contacts list, I scan every name, thinking about whom I could call to talk this through before I do it. Usually all life decisions, major and minor, involve the input of Jess and Lauren, but lately I've felt this inexplicable distance from them. They seem so happy, so content in their relationships, in their skin. They truly seem to enjoy everything we're doing, the way we're living, and if they're not, they've given no indication otherwise. They're always so much more involved than I am, planning the parties, the outings, reveling in their popularity. They seem to thrive on it all. At this point, I'm just along for the ride, and barely.” – Chapter 1 

I love this Rose, even in the first chapter. The ladies have written her with her usual snark and roughness, but we also see the inner workings – the heart of the bitch people think she is. As Rose begins to break out of her old skin, shedding the life that she once thought was for her, she understands that maybe it was all fake and nothing was real. Yet, one night Emmett McCarty changes all that and with a simple extension of his hand, Rose gets a taste of how the over half lives.

The story may not have an Emmett POV, but we see him so clear through Rose. He is strong, yet over-protective. He is charming and flirtatious. His ego could swallow you whole, but his dimpled smile warms your soul. There is no way Rose can resist him. He introduces her to some people she has seen around her high school, but never really given them a chance. However, Edward Cullen, who was once in her social circle, is a familiar face with this new group. She thinks that maybe she can fit among them too.

Bella looks from Edward to Jasper and back again. "Keep it up, you two. Rosalie's never going to hang out with us again." 

I know she's teasing, but really, it's moments like this that make me want to spend more time with them. It's so easy to see the real friendship between them, to feel it, and I bask in the warmth of it. It feels so different with my crew. There's no posturing here; there's a depth, a trueness to all of them and how they interact with each other that I never knew I always craved. 

Alice nudges me with her elbow and I look over at her, returning her soft smile. "You look happy right now," she whispers. 

Coming from anyone else, the statement would sound insane or at the very least completely cheeseball. But Alice is so like that, just telling her truth. And I suppose it's my truth, too. "I am happy right now," I whisper back. 

She smiles wider and squeezes my arm, then turns back to the computer. "Okay, so these are amazing," she says in a louder voice. Jasper and Emmett are rough-housing and shit-talking, but in my periphery I see them pause. Emmett shoves him until they're hovering behind us. Bella and Edward hop up, too, and they all crowd around us and murmur their agreement. Emmett's palm comes to rest at the base of my neck, making me shiver. 

"Hey look, you got my good side every time," he says, leaning down so that his forearms are resting on the back of my chair. His cheek brushes mine; I can feel the stubble growing in, can smell the grass and cool air and spice on his skin, and my heart skips a beat. 

This moment is perfect. I feel like I'm living inside of a picture, like I've captured something that I want to tuck into a picture frame next to my bed so I can forever remember what this is like. 

"That, in and of itself, is a win, Ro," Edward says. – Chapter 10 

This is a great story that I absolutely enjoyed from beginning to end. There is plenty of drama, comedy, cliffhangers, angst, and a sweet lemon that sex doesn’t have to always be written so descriptive. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I loved this story for its creativity, giving life to our canon couples, and giving us a Rose we can learn from.


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