Completed Fic of the Week: 11/21/11

November 23, 2011

La Bella Addormentata by Einfach Mich
Review by TheRainGirl

Rating: M
Genre: Mystery
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Bella gets a new job with a strange twist. Edward is a vampire with a very particular fetish. AU, OOC, Dark fun. Halloween Treat.

This was poetry.

Dark, coiling, sensual, and enthralling.

I didn't want to like EFM's Edward and I really didn't know what to make of Bella, yet I kept reading.

I found myself gripping my computer like a vice as I read the words that circled my heart and mind in a haze of beautiful words and terrifying images.

It was so intriguing and encapsulating that I couldn't stop. Mere moments and I was finished. I actually went back and reread.

Einfach Mich has written a stunning and appealing tale with such evocative imagery, it grips you. It holds you tight, but not like a mother’s embrace. Her story of desire and lust, protection and predation coerces you into a grasp of claws and blood, but there is beauty in pain.

A selflessness is embedded in each of her main characters, not a self-loss, but an unselfish desire to be whole, to do the right thing, and to behold the perfect piece you didn’t know you had lost. Her Bella is a strong, smart, emotional girl struggling to protect and stay true to her loyalty.

Her Edward is a beast filled with vices and pain, but an overarching desire to be good, do good, and have good.

They both sacrifice and suffer. They both succeed and survive.

This is a short look into their dark world and their even darker journey. We can follow along as they stumble into the light.

I was thoroughly enticed and delightfully entertained. Truly. Go read- La Bella Addormentata. <3 Tell her Rain sent you.


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