New Fic of the Week: 11/7/11

November 11, 2011

Five Colors in her Hair by Jennrosee
Review by AbbyCreations

Rating: M 
Genre: Humor/Drama 
Characters: Edward & Bella 

Summary: Conformity has always been the key to success in the sleepy town of Forks, Washington, but when the punky Bella Swan arrives, nerdy Edward Cullen learns it's okay to be a little different. The town of Forks will never be the same! Nerdyward/Punkella 

When I first started reading fanfiction, I was mostly drawn to stories that followed the original story. At first I had no clue that it was ok to write the characters differently. Five Colors in Her Hair by Jennrosee gives us a Bella and Edward that are totally OOC but lovable all the same. Of course there are other characters who are less lovable- such as Alice and Carlisle. Alice is mean and bitchy, ruled by all that is superficial. She is not nice to Edward at all. Carlisle isn't much better, he is lacking parental skills.

Edward is a shy and nerdy kid who gets picked on by Mike "the dick" Newton. Bella is the new girl but she's not the shy, clumsy, socially awkward Bella we're used to seeing. She's feisty and a bit of a punk. She isn't one to take any shit and yet she's sweet to Edward. She takes to him rather quickly and it's interesting to see these two characters engage in what is a bit of a role reversal.

The story is told from Edward's point of view. Here is a little snippet of how he views himself:

Finally, there were my friends, Ben Cheney and Angela Weber, and I – the Outcasts, the bottom of the social food chain. Ben spoke with a lisp and had bad skin, but he was the most talented artist in the school and had won awards for quite a few of his paintings. Angela was a bit rounder than the rest of the girls; she was also kind and extremely intelligent. She and Ben had crushes on each other, but both were too shy to do anything about it, so they just sort of admired each other from a distance. As for me, well, there was nothing really special about me. I was a hardcore gamer, and I had a zombie apocalypse survival plan but no real talents to speak of. I was simply a loser. 

His introduction of himself to Bella does not go well at all either.

"I'm Edward Cullen," I said with a smile, introducing myself to the empty chair next to me. 

Yeah, I was a total loser. 

Poor Nerdward needs a hug and some serious help. In the four chapters that are up we see him conquer his fear of speaking to Bella and a little progress is made. In Edward's corner, however, we have Emmett. As his older brother Emmett is also his protector offering to beat up whoever is giving him a hard time. He seems like a good seed thus far.

It's hard to tell where the story is going to go but I foresee a lot of character development for Edward. I find that the high school depiction is accurate and pleasant to read even when it's not pleasant at all.

I am happy that I was able to read and review this story. I will be following it from now on. Give it a chance and you will too!


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