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March 26, 2012

Collared by irishchicka1
Review by Obsmama, JaimeArkin, & Dragonfly336

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: The Volturi brothers have their hands in everything bad...Drugs, Murder & Sexual Perversion. FBI Spec. Agent Edward Masen joins DEA Spec. Agent Isabella Swan in a dangerous undercover operation of BDSM and their own unspoken desires.

Dragonfly336: Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Obsmama. After we caught up for a bit, she told me of a story that JaimeArkin rec'd her and that she was a few chapters in and really enjoying it. I asked her about it and she read the summary of Collared by irishchicka1 to me. I haven’t read a BDSM story in awhile and one with an undercover Edward and Bella? I was immediately intrigued! I started reading that weekend and can I just say how much I love these characters?

My outburst seemed to break the dam of stunned silence. The sound of Bella's voice raising a couple of octaves higher than normal as she asked, "What exactly does that mean?" Emmett, being Emmett was all too happy to provide answers in near litany of perverse terms. 

 "Paddles, hair pulling, kneeling, ball gags, anal plugs…." 

"Anal plugs….BEN!" Bella shrieked as her boss tried to calmly reassure her, his voice rising with each word to out-talk my idiot partner who never paused in his Wikipedia of BDSM terms. 

"Handcuffs, ropes, canes, sensory deprivation, orgasm control…." 

I pinched the bridge of my nose between my fingers as I felt my blood pressure rise dangerously. Carlisle, ever the observant one, spoke calmly yet firmly rising above the chatter. 

"Edward, I know this is unorthodox…." 

The voices swirled like a tornado inside my head….Bella's fear, Emmett's humor (or attempt at it), Ben's comforting tone and Carlisle's voice of reason. I took a deep breath and centered myself before yelling. 

"Everyone stop for a goddamn minute!" 

Obsmama: When Jaime tells me to read something, I never second guess it. We have such completely similar tastes, as does Dragonfly336. So when she told me she was enjoying this I jumped right in. There were so many moments that Dragonfly336 and I would look at each other and bust out laughing while reading a certain section together. There were also a few times we blushed and giggled LOL. Such a mix of fun and sexy that left me wanting more stories out there that capture humor and sex in such a unique way.

The simple touch of my hand touching her cheek ignites something palpable inside me. Possess. Take. Worship. I search her wide-eyed gaze and see nothing but surrender as my hand slides into her hair, tugging firmly back and she gasps. I was never one to pass up an opportunity; my lips smash against hers as my tongue instantly challenges hers to a game of wicked cat-and-mouse.

Someone moans throatily and I am so centered on this girl that I have no idea which one of us it comes from. Her hands grip my shirt in her small fingers, pushing then pulling…scratching and tugging. I hold her mouth prisoner with my hand in her long tresses and she's giving as good as she gets. Her slender legs unfold from the bar stool and wrap around my calves, pulling me closer.

"Fuck!" I mutter against her lips as our bodies align, crotch to crotch….chest to chest and hands seeking, squeezing muscle and clothed skin as fingers pluck at buttons and rip fabric in frustration. I feel the warm heat radiating from her center and I know she feels me titanium hard and straining denim. Teeth tug soft lips as her hands push the cotton shirt up my abdomen. I pull at the back of the neckline and lift it off, throwing it behind me.

Dark chocolate eyes flit up my chest and search my face as harsh breathes echo around us. There is a pregnant pause between us and my body tightens in preparation for a hitting, kicking scratching kitten. I just know she is probably over-analyzing the situation….or worse yet regretting.

 "Bella….I—"I say, shocked at how low and graveled my voice rumbles out.

"Don't." She says softly, barely above a whisper. My hands immediately go into my hair in frustration as my head drops. They are going to explode. My balls are going to explode due to an extreme condition of blue-balls.

JaimeArkin: This story grabbed me from the very first chapter and I couldn’t stop reading. I mean I did... long enough to tell my friends to go read it too, but then I rushed right back to it. The plot itself is kinda genius, but then throw in the wonderful characters and the excellent writing and I’m hooked. I totally love this Edward. He’s cocky, egotistical and kind of a manwhore, but he’s determined to put the Volturi brothers behind bars and in order to do that, he has to go undercover in a Dom/sub relationship with Bella. The catch is that, while neither has any experience in the BDSM world, they are finding that they just might be enjoying what they are learning. This story has a bit of everything, intrigue and mystery. Funny parts that will make you snort with laughter and lemons... dear god the citrus kills me. It’s hot and sexy and just here read for yourself:

My hands slide up her torso, cupping her breasts in my hands as she moves, languid and sensually up and down my cock. I look down between us to watch my length disappear into her, to prove to myself that this is really happening. 

Seeing my cock shiny and wet from her body forces a guttural growl from my lips and my fingers pluck at her hardened nipples. I'm rewarded with a soft whimper of pleasure from Bella. Her dark hair falls down her chest as she stares at me, liquid brown darkening irises peeking beneath hooded lids. 

One of my hands slide down her body as her rhythm picks up, becoming punishing and harsh seeking her release. I slide my fingers between her wet folds finding her pulsing clit and circle it lazily. I can't keep my dominant nature quiet any longer, it's screaming inside me to get out, but I need her to need it to. 

"How do I feel inside you, Bella? Is it what you thought it would be?" I ask, each syllable rolling off my tongue. 

She moans loudly, but doesn't answer. I can feel the reaction from her body though, I see her nipples contract tighter, I feel a fresh release of wetness from her. "Look at how hard you've made my cock, baby. It feels so fucking good inside you finally." 

Obsmama: Oh god, Jaime! “Seeing my cock shiny and wet from her body “ that line killed me too. I seriously can’t say enough about how fun this story is. We are just getting to the intrigue and danger and I say you grab a couple of friends, like I have, and jump into reading together. Fanfic is so much fun when shared with people you love isn’t it? Thanks for reading with me Lori and Jaime. MWAH

Dragonfly336: *Fans self* God...the citrus!! And let’s not forget one of the HOTTEST Jasper’s ever! Here’s a taste:

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH NOW!" Jasper yells and I swear the walls shake. Bella immediately snaps her mouth shut and glares. Jasper calmly walks up until he's nose to nose with her, smiling darkly as he says quietly "Oh, little girl, I'm going to have so much fun teaching Edward to break that rebellious spirit. You better learn to curb your tongue, darlin', or you'll get us all killed. .Clear?" 

Yes master. Oh.....sorry. *Ahem* Anyways, I totally agree with Obsmama, you must grab some friends! You won’t be able not to, it’s just one of those stories! And it really does have a little of everything, whether you’re an Angsth00r or enjoy fluff! Thanks Jaime and Corie!! It’s great reading with you again!

JaimeArkin: I love reading a great story with great friends and this one is perfect for it! We can squeal over the naughty, laugh over the funny, and hate on those damn Volturi’s. Please go give this story a read, it’s 27 chapters in and updates regularly. You will love it just as much as we do! I’m going to set this last little tease down right here before I go though..

"Bella….Bella, look at me." I whisper quietly. The determination and dark depths of her eyes halt my breath for a moment. 

"Yes, Master?" Her voice answers like a hushed prayer. 

"Bella, do you even know what you're asking? You want this?" I ask trying to get her to see how difficult this will be for her. She's brash, opinionated and stubborn as hell….does she really think she can maintain the subservient nature 24/7 for the next week? 

"As you desire, so do I." She says softly and I slide to my knees in front of her, the weight of what she's offering making me boneless. I grip her face in my hands and curse under my breath as she raises her chin, but her eyes remain downcast. 

"Look at me, damnit!" I seethe and instantly her dark orbs swing to mine. I see no fear there…no wavering. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear I was staring at someone else. I search her eyes and all I see is….trust. She trusts me to take care of her. She trusts me enough to do this and basically put her life into my hands. 

"That's good. You have five minutes to prepare yourself and be in position in the playroom, Isabella." She scrambles from her knees and wobbles precariously on those sexy sky-high heels. "And Bella, the shoes stay on." 

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