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June 16, 2011

Dripping Red by PunfoxAngel
Review by Obsmama

Rating: M
Genre: Horror

Summary: People are dying in the close knit town of Forks, WA. Does the new kid, outcast Edward Cullen, have something to do with it? Or is there something more going on in this small town? Can Bella Swan figure out the connection? Or will she be the next victim?

Are you like me and love watching a great scary movie with the lights turned off and the door locked? Then this is the story for you. I was captivated from Chapter 1 where we meet Sam and Emily, a young sweet couple of seventeen having a private, not-so-tender moment on the beach, living out a fantasy. The imagery is fantastic and really sets the scene; as a reader, you feel what the characters are feeling from the chill of the water to the heated skin that slowly becomes exposed. Then we are introduced to another character, a hunter who watches his prey and strikes behind a hockey mask. We feel the fear of our young couple but what is extraordinary with this well done 3rd person is that we also feel the exhilaration the killer is experiencing at the same time.

The killer jerks Sam's head back harder, eliciting a gurgle of pain, as he pulls the blade slowly across his throat cutting into his skin deeper. Euphoria cascades over his body as the first rivulet of blood runs over his fingers making him grumble with pleasure, and he plunges the knife in deeper severing the main artery completely. Blood is spouting out of Sam's neck slower and slower as his heartbeat starts failing, sprinkling the white sand in the crimson fuel of life.

"Nooooo!" Emily screams, immediately placing her hand over her mouth in horror and regret; Regret that she's reminded the crazed killer of her existence. Scrambling to get up from the blanket that Sam had laid out, she tries to convince her frozen muscles to start running.

We are slowly introduced to our cast of main characters; a loner, new kid Edward Cullen, who is bullied and mocked; to Bella Swan, a girl haunted by a tragic loss over a year ago. The death of her classmates brings up memories Bella would have rather stayed buried. The population of Forks High slowly begins to decrease and bodies begin to pile up. Suspicion quickly turns to the pierced outsider Edward as his mysterious past cast a shadow in Chief Swan's vision.

The authors writing this story do a wonderful job with the the mystery and building the tension through this story. It's only 4 chapters in and the story is brilliantly done. They really make the fear and terror palpable I’m having the best time reading so why don’t you join me? I mean if your brave enough.

"Who the fuck is there?"

Eric is scared, and that is exactly what the killer wants. The killer can smell his fear in the air as they toy with their prey.

As Eric makes out the faint glow of light at the end of the room, he takes a step forward. But, before he can move again searing pain shoots through his leg as a flaming sharp blade cuts through his Achilles tendon. Eric crumbles to the ground screaming in pain, gripping his leg, panic rushing through his veins. He tries to stand up again in an attempt to escape, but his tendon is severed making it impossible to stand.

He knows that he must get out of there. He knows that his life is in danger and the killer knows that they are going to enjoy this kill just as much as every other kill. Eric begins to slowly crawl towards the light, towards salvation, towards life. The killer slowly follows him, inhaling the air around them, savoring the metallic smell of his blood, dripping red from his wound.

The killer allows Eric to climb up a few stairs, giving him hope, toying with him before grabbing onto his injured ankle, yanking him harshly down a few steps, his head hitting a few stairs in the process.

"Argh!" Eric cries in agony, rolling over onto his back as he tries to see who is doing this to him. What he finds both confuses and scares him so much so that he is at a loss for words. He is so petrified that he can't even find the power to scream. The look on his face is enough to satisfy the killer's morbid desire. Eric's fear is his own personal brand of heroin.

What Eric sees before him appears to be a man with a painted white face, blue eyeshadow and black lips staring at him. An evil murderous clown looks down at Eric, a smile pulling at the corners of his black lips, showing black tinged teeth. Eric sees the killer raise a big axe above their head and just before they bring it crashing down into Eric's body, the killer says, ""Boo!"


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