New Fic of the Week: 6/20 - 6/26

June 22, 2011

Set Fire to the Rain by SunshineGal3
Review by Obsmama

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Drama, AH
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: A woman whose job is to bring people back from the brink of self-destruction. An alcoholic who prefers his addiction to facing his demons. Everyone has given up on him...everyone but her.

"Edward," Dad speaks again, more softly this time. "You need to have a seat, son. It's your sister's wedding for Christ's sake."

I roll my eyes, the lightheaded feeling coming back again. I have to hold my arms out to steady myself while taking in a deep breath. "I'm sure that's what you think, Daddy Dearest," I grumble. "But you don't have a fucking clue what I need." I move to charge past him, but he reaches out and grabs my arm tightly.

"I'll do it," he whispers harshly into my ear. "There are officers right outside this room, Edward. You know I won't hesitate..."

"To have me arrested? Again?" I ask incredulously. "What a fucking stand up guy you are, Doc. Having your own son arrested, and at your little girl's wedding no less." Yanking my arm from his grasp, I continue toward the bar, leaving him frozen in shock. I don't know why he's so surprised - this is the Edward he knows...and he helped make me this way.

Thus begins the sad and mysterious tale of a broken man and the woman who refuses to give up on him. We meet Edward Cullen at his lowest, making a complete spectacle of himself at his sister Alice’s wedding.

There is so much tension between his family and himself that you can really feel it through the author’s words. We then meet Bella, a rehab therapist, working at the rehabilitation center that Edward has been sent to. He is an alcoholic and has no want to change that. Rehab is the very last place he wants to be but when confronted with the choice of rehab or prison, it makes the decision for him. He has 30 days to turn himself around and yet he wants nothing to do with any of it.

This story is brand new and I’m so enraptured already. The author really does a fantastic job connecting us with the characters and I can’t wait to see the interaction between Edward and Bella and what kind of chemistry they have together. My heart breaks for Edward as he enters this world, meeting people that want to see him succeed, even if he is the last person to have faith himself.


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