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June 02, 2011

Playing with Fire by Zoya Zalan
Review by LadyTazz

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Angst, AH
Characters: Carlisle/Bella

Summary: Bella has an itch. Carlisle has a few stiff drinks. A gritty tale of lust, betrayal, and the search for redemption begins. AH/AU; some disturbing themes.

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm on a HUGE Carlisle/Bella kick right now. So, I jumped at the chance to share this yummy story with you.

First off, if infidelity is a hard limit for you, don't read.

This story starts out at the wedding reception of Edward and Bella.

"Dr. Cullen, how come you're hiding way over here? You do know the reception has an open bar?"

"Of course I do, sweetheart," I replied smoothly. "I'm paying for it."

Bella gaped for a few seconds before dropping her gaze and blushing furiously. "Of course you knew that."

I couldn't resist. The urge to mess with her as much as she'd messed with me was just too damned strong. Reaching out, I gently tipped her face back up, offering her a smoldering look. "Why, might I ask, has the beautiful bride escaped her own wedding celebration?"

A soft smile brightened her features, tightening my groin even further. "I was hoping to dance with my father-in-law."

I sense a little tension, maybe sexual tension between these two.

If the little girl wants to play, who the hell am I to say no? "Hey Frank?" In my peripheral vision I could see him slow the rag he was using to wipe the bar. "You got a store room anywhere around here?"

I leered. Bella smirked. Frank stopped wiping altogether, pausing only a moment before reaching below the counter. A small set of keys dropped into my open palm seconds later. "Around the back," he pointed. 

"Key's color-coded blue. Try not to wreck anything."

"Shall we dance?" I whispered to her, holding my hand out. Her tiny one slid easily into mine, the contact sending a jolt of pure lust sizzling down my spine.

I think they are about to dance, the tangled tango of lust, deceit, and pure estscay.

Planting each of her feet against the metal racks on either side of us, she slowly pulled up her skirt. I exhaled loudly as inch after inch of delicate hosiery, garter straps, and creamy skin was revealed to me, my fingertips eagerly following the receding material. When she finally cleared her waistline, I blinked in surprise, my gaze sliding up to meet hers. She grinned back, licking those sexy lips of hers.

"Isabella Swan-Masen," I scolded, tsking. She'd walked down the aisle of a Catholic church looking like such a good girl with her pure white dress and veil, but underneath… "Where did your panties go, young lady?"

She pouted. "I guess I forgot them."

Edward didn't fucking deserve this beautiful little minx. She was way out of his league. The unfairness of it all rankled, but I knew there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it now; I'd forever held my peace, for better or worse.

I trailed ticklish fingers across her completely bare mons pubis before lightly stroking downward. God, she was so wet. All for me. She closed her eyes at my touch, trembling. "Have I found the right spot, Isabella? Is this what's been bothering you?"

"Fuck, yeah!" she whispered.

Is it hot in here? Wow, these two are very naughty. On her wedding day nonetheless. It makes you wonder what had driven these two together. What has made Bella turn to her step-father-in-law. What has driven Carlilse find his new step-daughter-in-law to be the object of his affection? Is this a one-time fling or is this the start of a very messy game of deceit and forbidden lust?

She smiled at me, looking every bit the coquettish minx she was. "We need to do this again. Very soon."

I frowned, feeling remarkably saddened by her statement. "If only that were possible." Hell, I'd fuck her every day of the week if given the chance.

Bella's eyes lit up. "Oh, but it will be." When I cocked my head in disbelief, she continued, "We're moving back to Seattle next month."

I swear my heart stopped. "You're shitting me?"

She grinned, reaching to straighten my bow tie and smooth down my vest and dress shirt. "Nope. Apparently Edward misses his Mommy."

I rested both palms on the table beside her and leaned down until we were nose to nose. "I guess that means more quality time for you and Daddy."

"Why do you think I married the little prick? Oh, and I mean that literally as well as figuratively, by the way," Bella whispered against my lips.

Jesus Fucking Christ! She married him so she could be closer to me? That's about as fucked up as it gets in the sticky little world of family affairs. I should really be running away as fast as I can, knowing how ugly this kind of thing can get, but instead I was just feeling…smug. Standing back up, I pulled out my handkerchief and handed it to her, my gaze smoldering.

This story has four chapters posted currently; so dive right in and enjoy this twisted tale of family secrets, deceit, and lust! Trust me, you won’t be sorry!


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