One Shot of the Week: 8/6/12

August 11, 2012

Wicked Games by TheLyricalCutie

Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Characters: Charlie & Esme

Summary: There was only one woman in this town that could reduce Chief Swan to a bumbling mess. Maybe it was time for him to come out the shadow of a broken heart.

New Fic of the Week: 8/6/12

August 09, 2012

The Heist by KreativeKreature
Review by Twilly

Rating: M
Genre: Crime/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Have you ever felt like every event in your life is out of your control? Like it's all a lie? Hoax? Sham? "I'm no one, and pretty soon… you will be too." Welcome to The Heist.

The Heist is great, and it’s only three…wait, did it update already? Okay, four chapters in, so go read it .

There. Review done. Easiest review I ever wrote. I totally wrote that in like thirty seconds. I’m on fire.

What do you mean why? Because I told you to!

What? That’s not good enough? When did I lose my authority?

I never had any authority? Really? You mean I’m not the boss, I’m just bossy? Where’s the whiteout? I need to take “Fanfiction Boss” off my resume.

Fine, here’s why you should read it.

This Edward is different. Down on his luck, he stumbles into a convenience store and a chain of events that have him confused and scared for his life. A pretty brunette forces him at gunpoint into her car and on one little high-speed chase and the boy loses his shit.

Speaking of pretty brunettes, this Bella is dangerous. She’s a no holds barred, take no prisoners, shooting automatic weapons with both hands badass. Well, except she did take Edward prisoner; but come on, who among us wouldn’t take Edward hostage? Except she’s not holding Edward as her personal love monkey like some of us…I mean some of you all would. She has orders.

At this point, I’m not really sure what Bella’s motivation or intentions are and I really can’t tell if she’s a good guy, bad guy, or a good guy pretending to be a bad guy. I can’t wait to find out.

The Heist literally has me on the edge of me seat for the entire chapter. You all know me, I’m jumpy, it’s dangerous for me to sit there! I can’t help it; I need to know what’s going on. I need to know why Edward Masen has to cease to exist. I need to know what’s up with Bella and who all these people are in The Grotto and what they want with Edward. And I need to know who the blond man Bella shot in the convenience store was.

Come read The Heist with me. We’ll bite our nails together; we can call it The Heist manicure.

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Completed Fic of the Week: 8/6/12

August 08, 2012

Eclectic by chatterbox33
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Family/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: In one day Bella's life changes tack; she learns thieves threaten to sink her life's work and Charlie is nearing the end of his voyage, but her friends are the wind in her sails as they set course for smoother sailing. M for language & future lemons. AH & OOC

I have been more or less stuck at home from work for the past couple of weeks and truthfully rather bored. In order to try and keep myself entertained, I have been searching for completed stories that I haven’t read and that will hold my interest. Trust me this isn’t an easy task considering the number of fics I’ve read, and finding one that won’t kill me on the angst side, you all know I am a huge wimp when it comes to the angst, made it all that much harder to do. That is how I stumbled upon this weeks Completed Fic of the Week. Eclectic was the breath of fresh air that I needed in my reading material.

Set in the Chicago area, Eclectic is a story about a very strong and outgoing Bella, who is dealing with some drama. Bella, after a stint in the Air Force, has started her own business, Eclectic, a design firm that caters to the average person, and sells designs from all around the world, ensuring that their designers and employees get paid a respectable livable wage, even in some of the most remote villages in the world.

Bella surrounds herself with friends and people she trusts with her life for the most part, and is shocked when it is brought to her attention that one of her employees has been embezzling funds, leaving her designers with way less money than promised to them. She finds this out on the same day that she finds out that her father, Charlie, who has been her biggest cheerleader her whole life, is battling a disease that no person should ever have to face.

 "WHAT? Emmett, what are you talking about?" 

"You claim you want people to earn a living wage, you claim it's your mission and yet, look at this!" He waved a stack of papers under my nose. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare me for what he found. The invoices my company paid was significantly smaller than the amount I'd set, however the intended payment amount was still deducted from the account. Somewhere, somehow, someone was skimming the till! 

"Emmett, where did you find this? This is not me, someone's stealing from Eclectic!" 

He scoffed at me. "I'm serious Emmett, this amount," I pointed to the amount withdrawn, "that's what should've been paid! Why would I withdraw that amount but pay this? This isn't me, Emmett! You've got to help me get to the bottom of this!" 

Emmett watched me intently, his expression softening but still clearly upset then responded, "You seriously had no idea this was happening?" 

"Why would I steal from myself? Please, Emmett, help me with this. Clearly we have someone here who's up to no good." 

Edward, a lawyer from New York City, has recently moved back home with his parents after his divorce in order for him and his kids to lead a less hectic life. While Bella has known Carlisle and Esme for a few years, she has only recently met Edward and she adores his children. Edward is there for Bella, while she struggles with the issues at work and Charlie. Bella is there for Edward as a mother figure for his kids and it doesn’t take them long to figure out how good they are for one another.

Just then Edward knocked at the back door, Emily and Bono bolted for the door with me following on their heels. 

"Hi" he said as handed me a big bunch of beautiful sunflowers, then he gave me a little peck on the cheek again. 

"Hi! Thanks so much! These are beautiful. How did you know these are my favorite?" I said. 

"I didn't, they just looked pretty and reminded me of you," he said with a shy smile. 

I ran off to put them in water then tossed the pasta in the boiling water on the stove. "Dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes," I said. Edward do you want beer or wine? Or I think we have some pop around here somewhere." 

"A beer would be great, thanks," he responded as he came up behind me in the kitchen and stole another smooch, this time on the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. He had to end it there, Emily ran in and started to show her daddy the cookies she'd made and told all she did to help make dinner. 

What I like most about this story is that even though Bella is successful and they both have money, it is real. ‪Dealing with real life issues, a sick father, a single father, trouble at work, and a Bella and Edward who are Catholic and have Catholic values is a lot to take in. However, don’t worry there will be lemons that are completely worth the wait but for a little while there is just some really hot lemonade. Chatterbox33 has made sure that the things that they deal with are real problems and issues that many people face on a daily basis, I love FanFiction, I really do, but I especially love when the stories are more realistic. Let’s face it, we all want to think we could be the next Bella and Edward, and I think that this story gives us a glimpse at a real family, real friends and real life. While the story is long and progresses a little slowly in a few places, I thought it was a great plot and I was so thankful that it wasn’t something that I have read a million times. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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WIP of the Week: 8/6/12

August 06, 2012

Downward Spiral by Content1
Review by AngelycDevil

Rating: M
Genre: Horror/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Post-BD EU. Captured by the Volturi, Edward faces a nightmarish choice as Aro enacts a diabolical plan to break him. As Edward's hold on his sanity weakens, only his memories of Bella help him stay strong as he faces the ultimate test. Mentalward Winner

Before you begin reading my review, let me ask you one thing: Have you ever read a work of fiction that you can’t describe? One where even though, you’ve somehow managed to wrap your head around the story but you can’t bring yourself to convoy the complex plot or the depth of the emotions that ensnarl the characters because you know that you can’t do it justice, so you simply say, “Just read it” before imparting the very basic scenario and plot line of the work to your friend and then changing the subject?

That is exactly what I was feeling minutes ago. Minutes ago, I was sitting in living room, staring at a blank page, frustrated at myself for signing up to review this fic (that’s a compliment!) because I’d just realized that there is no way that I can even begin to explain this bewitching piece of fiction. But I’m going to try because I want to share this wonderful writing with as many people as I can.

Downward Spiral began as an entry for a Mentalward contest by Crmcneill eventually became the first two chapters. Sadly, Crmcneill was unable to continue his work which is where Content1 swoops in and saves the story! As you can see from the banner above and the fact that it was an entry to a Mentalward contest, this is story does not feature our sane, kind, loving Edward. Instead, this portrayal of Edward is dark, twisted, impulsive, and well, in a word…a monster.

He had succeeded. He had broken me. But not in the manner he expected. 

The monster attacked the moment they entered my cell. Felix's arm was torn off at the elbow before he could blink. The monster threw him aside and lunged for the door. Jane's gift immobilized him with pain, but even then he thrashed about in frenzy. Alec blinded and numbed, but his gift only worked on physical senses. Using the sight of the Volturi guards for perspective, still he attacked. When sight and sound returned, he was pinned to the wall by four massive guards, snarling ferociously; the guards' arms and faces marked by bites and gouges inflicted by the monster's blind rage.

And that is why, to this day, I cannot understand why I started reading this, why I couldn’t put it down, and why I keep coming back for more. Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe Content1 does a fantastic job of roping us in, making our eyes widen, forcing our hearts to beat faster and faster until we get addicted to MentalWard before giving us a happily ever after…but wait, it’s not over yet!

"And I will not forget this either, Aro!" Carlisle roared into the phone. "This is my warning to you; the Cullen family no longer recognizes the legal or moral authority of the Volturi, who have imprisoned and tortured one of our members without cause. Any member of the Volturi or its Guard found in our territory will be considered hostile, and attacked on sight. In addition, we will be informing our friends and allies of the treatment Edward received at your hands. I'm sure they will all be quite interested to hear this particular story." 

He paused for a moment before continuing. "Out of respect for our former friendship, I offer you this advice. If you intend to send any of your puppets against us, make sure to supply them with a properly labeled urn, so that their remains may be returned to you as expeditiously as possible. This conversation is over."

This is the part when I realized that this wasn’t going to end with the traditional happily ever after. Too much had been done. Too much pain. Too much loss. The Volturi has gone too far. The Volturi underestimated the Cullens, stretched them to the limit, and pushed them over the edge. The Volturi underestimated the bond of the Cullen family, their control because even though they feed from animals, they’re still vampires.

I realized that there will be more blood, more suffering, pain, loss, heartache.

I wanted to bask in the light of this long forgotten emotion, but it terrified me. I had been so long in the darkness, and painful experience had taught me to fear stepping into the light. I feared the horror that I knew waited to snatch me up if I let my guard down, even for a moment. I began to withdraw, shutting down, welcoming the darkness, but held onto the hand clutching mine with all my might.

I realized there will be a revolution.

Henceforth, my coven does not recognize the dictates of the lawless and faithless. We will continue to follow the rules that have served our kind well for millennia. Those that would join us in maintaining fair and altruistic governance are welcome. 
Carlisle Cullen. 

I heard Carlisle's message repeating in their heads. It was inflammatory, and it would ensure that the Volturi would come. I didn't know whether to hope it would, or that Aro would ignore it. I doubted he would though…he would see it as a direct challenge.

 I realized that nothing will ever be the same.

 The others retreated, leaving Carlisle and I to fight…the father and the son…the peaceful one against the lost one. Neither of us had particularly put much into our fighting before…he hadn't had the heart, I hadn't cared. 

But not this time, this time we both allowed the monsters loose…

 All in all, Downward Spiral is a perfect mixture of insanity, love, revenge, family, and vampirism wrapped in a bow with Content1’s coherent writing style and nostalgic plot.


Ruibin_Rua's Rec of the Week: 6/25/12

June 27, 2012

Gull to the Wind by ineedyoursway
Review by Ruibin_Rua

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: All-consuming, irreversible love. Edward, 25, frontman of band The Masens, falls hard.

There are some writers in the fandom who really stand out from the crowd, writing in a style that is both unique and refreshing. Ineedyoursway is definitely one of those writers. She has an easy, almost irreverent style of writing that I have rarely seen replicated and her ‘voice’ is always authentic. Having loved a previous story of hers, Young Pilgrims, I was delighted to review Gull to the Wind and bring her to the attention of a larger audience.

This story opens rather strangely, as we meet Bella for the first time while she is waiting on a doctor’s appointment to change her birth control prescription. This unusual setting gives us our first glimpse into the quirky mind of Bella Swan.

“I can't talk seriously about my vagina with someone who has kittens all over them. It's like a pregnant cat threw up on her body.” 

This Bella is still in high school, about to enter her senior year, but she’s a teenager with a definite twist and an attitude very much her own. She is caught in that awkward faze of not caring what others think of her and struggling to carve her own path. Funnily enough, her best friend in this story is an unapologetically whorish Jessica, and their interactions provide a lot of laughs.

Jessica puts on something skimpy and throws a clear poncho over it. I appraise her, arms crossed. 

"You look like a water proof stripper." 

The meat of this story begins when Bella meets Edward for the first time. I think this is probably the first time ever that a Bella and Edward have met because of Bella’s insane need to pee! Frustrated by the long line for the porta-loos, Bella goes in search of an alternative and ends up borrowing Edward’s VIP lanyard to use the private restrooms. Little does she realise that he is Edward Cullen, famous and elusive musician.

"My bladder thanks you so much!" I exclaim, throwing my arms around his shoulders and kissing his cheek. It reddens. 

Little do I know, this won't be the only time today that I unknowingly kiss Edward Cullen. 

The way this story progresses after this first meeting is surprising and more than a little off-the-wall, but that’s part of the experience. Just leave your preconceived notions at the door and allow Ineedyoursway to take you for ride. As Bella herself says, “you never know…”

"Edward Cullen," I state. 

I pinch my arm. 

"Did you just pinch yourself?" he asks, baffled. He's almost laughing. I'm probably delirious. 

"I was just checking!" I reply defensively, crossing my arms. "You never know.” 

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Asfocd's Rec of the Week: 6/25/12

Beneath the Surface by MyBella & Eternally Addicted
Review by AnonymouslySufferingFromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Adventure/Friendship
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: One summer, an internship in Africa, bloodlust, sharp teeth, and a boatload of fear are all that stand in the way of Bella Cullen landing a job at the Atlanta Aquarium - As long as she doesn't count cocky shark expert Edward Masen on her list.

Last year a very good friend of mine let me know that a new story was on the horizon, involving some of my favorite things, Sharks! Beneath the Surface follows a team of shark researchers from Masen Marine Research on the research vessel Galeos as they research sharks in their natural habitat, documenting their daily lives and patterns to provide the world at large with a true understanding of the life cycles of the amazing creatures that are sharks. Masen Marine Research or MMR, based in Hawaii, is the culmination of blood, sweat and tears of some very close friends/crew members, who are more like family to one another than anything. Edward Masen, or Masen as those close to him know him by, is the founder, president and captain of this crew and he takes being responsible for this team very seriously. So seriously that he doesn’t have time for distractions. However, unbeknownst to him, he is about to be majorly distracted for the summer by one Sea World employee.

At the encouragement of his Aunt Esme, Masen decides to begin a summer intern program. This is how we come to meet the newest member of the Galeos crew, Guppy aka Bella Cullen. Bella is a marine biologist from Florida that needs to gain some experience in field research in order to get the job of her dreams at the Atlanta Aquarium. She is also hoping to learn to overcome her greatest fear in life, sharks.

Bella has been through some extremely traumatic things in her life, and though we don’t know what all of those things are yet, we can make some assumptions about what those things might have been. While, it isn’t easy for Bella to leave her Uncle Carlisle and sister Alice behind to go face her fears, she knows that she has to do it if she is going to be successful in her career and in her life.

He walked with her until they were about a third of the way in before stopping her and trying again to ease her worries. Taking her by the shoulders, he pulled her in front of him and faced her toward the acrylic wall. "Look, there's a spotted eagle ray," he pointed out, picking what he figured would be the least threatening fish in the exhibit. "The Hawaiians call it hihimanu." 

The only sign that she was listening was the way her eyes tracked the ray up and over the small coral wall in front of them. 

"What do you know about eagle rays?" he asked, trying to distract her from her fear. 

"They're not a stingray." 

"Good. What else?" he encouraged. He was still holding onto her shoulders and his thumbs had started to rub the soft skin at the base of her neck. He told himself it was for her comfort but deep down he didn't really believe that was the only reason. 

"They're not a stingray because they don't have a venomous spine at the tail base. They have a long whip-like tail instead. They like eating crabs, shrimp, snails, and squid like other rays. They also have a long wingspan and are covered with white spots on the top and dark spots at the edges on the underside of their wings." 

"Very good," he said sincerely. He lifted one hand from her shoulder and used it to point out a white-tip reef shark to her. "That little shark right there with the white tip on its dorsal fin, that's one of the only sharks that doesn't have to be constantly moving to breathe. They can stay almost completely still until they're ready to move. They like to eat reef fish, octopus, crabs, and lobsters and like to live in caves and along ledges." 

"What's their other name?" She had asked the question so quietly that he almost didn't hear it over the laughing children and chattering adults surrounding them. 

"Mano lalakea. People see them a lot when they go scuba diving near the caves around Maui. They're not aggressive at all but it's still best to be cautious. A lot of marine life will bite when scared, especially fish whose biggest weapon against predators is their teeth." 

His comment about teeth sent a shiver through her but it was the large cruising tiger shark suddenly appearing in front of them that had her stepping away from the window and into his chest. "Relax, Guppy. We're just checking out the local marine life under safe, controlled circumstances. There's nothing for you to be worried about or afraid of here." 

They moved a little further into the exhibit with him pointing out the fish he knew and asking questions about the ones he figured she would know about it. It even seemed like she was starting to finally relax since she was asking a few questions of her own. 

MMR has been built by very close friends and family. Lee Hale, or Rosalie, Whit, or Jasper Whitlock and Masen have been friends for years, they have personal experience with a shark attack and that experience has driven them to better understand what makes sharks tick. Masen is a very driven and determined individual and MMR is his baby, well MMR and Lizzie his adorable Boston terrier.

Masen and Guppy get off to an interesting start when they meet in a bar not knowing who the other is and share a steamy dance and an even steamier kiss. After their debacle of a meeting it is hard for Masen to get Guppy off of his mind even though he fights it as hard as he can. He also becomes increasingly frustrated that she is so very afraid of sharks, but she hasn’t shared why yet. Don’t worry though we have Whit on our side and he pushes Masen whenever possible. Lee and her boyfriend, Gopher—that’s right ladies, Emmett McCarty is the crew’s gopher— round out the crew. And I should also mention that Lee doesn’t deal well with the newcomer.

"I'm going to guess you guys didn't ask names," Whit said, looking between Bella and the guy she'd been kissing. 

"I was just standing there and then he was … and it was … really fast," she blathered. She was trying to focus but her mind was too busy replaying those kisses. 

Whit looked as though he wanted to laugh but then he looked over at the guy and his expression immediately went neutral. "I better make introductions then. Isabella Cullen, this is Edward Masen." 

Her stomach clenched and she felt her face drain of blood and color. Edward had the opposite reaction—his face and neck turned an alarming shade of red and his hands curled into such tight fists that it made the tendons in his forearms flex before her stunned eyes. "What kind of bullshit is this? Did you think it was funny? Some kind of joke?" He was not quite yelling the questions at her but it was pretty darn close. 

"I could ask the same thing," she defended. "I know I look like the picture I sent Esme but you don't look anything like the one I got." 

"What's going on?" a female asked, sliding in beside Edward and wrapping her arm around his. "Major case of mistaken identity," Whit quickly answered. "Esme must have used an old pic of Masen here." 

"Very old," Bella agreed with a stiff nod. "Short hair, clean face, dark glasses, red tie. Complete opposite of … of you." 

So far this story has blown me away. The story line is new and exciting and it keeps us coming back for more. It has a little bit of everything you look for in a great story. Romance, sexual tension, drama, sexual tension, humor and suspense. Oh, did I mention the sexual tension?

 We are only eleven chapters in, with updates usually once every three to four weeks, but the updates are long, we are already at one hundred thousand words, which makes it completely worth the wait. My-Bella and Eternally Addicted have once again proven themselves with so many great stories, and they have put there hearts and souls into this one. They not only write a kick ass story, but they also have a phenomenal blog that actually has updates from all of the crewmembers! There are so many truly talented authors out there that don’t get enough credit and My-Bella and Eternally Addicted are two of them, check out Beneath the Surface, it truly deserves the read.

Camilla10's Rec of the Week: 6/25/12

June 25, 2012

I remain, Yours by Momatu

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Bella is unexpectedly given an antique desk that once belonged to Edward, and in it she finds a letter he wrote to his cousin in 1918. She responds and sets them off on a journey neither could ever have expected. Perhaps there are some things we aren't meant to understand, just accept... Will eventually contain character death - NOT Edward or Bella.

Did you ever wish you could have known Edward as a human teenager, beyond the dim memories he retains and shares with Bella? If you read I Remain, Yours you can, and your perception of him will never be the same.

You’ll discover that, apart from the patriotic desire of going to war, Edward was brave, compassionate, highly intelligent and mature. A lovely young man, who volunteers with sick war veterans in the hospital where – of course – a certain Doctor Cullen befriends him and his family ….

An unlikely and wonderful exchange of letters happens between Edward and Bella, via the magic desk given to her by a descendant of his family. The desk has a hidden drawer that allows for them to communicate and even give each other little things, like photos and mementoes.

At first both can’t believe what is happening to them, but they cannot resist the pull. The letters are delightful in themselves. Bella can tell him the future, the end of the Great War, the assassination of the Czar, and learn about his life and times, his interaction with his family, uncles, and cousins whom he loves. One is crippled by polio and Edward will be surprised and saddened to discover that polio has been defeated, in Bella’s time.

Everything Bella tells him is a continuous source of astonishment, TV, airplanes, and the fact that young ladies can ask boys to prom … He puzzles about “googling” something, and modern expressions and more make him wonder. But he is open minded. Like in here:

Yes, Tucson. I apologize. Quickly, Bella, what is the capital of Illinois? No looking in your computer gadget thingamabob. May I ask, what does it mean "to babysit"?

I know I have already told you this, but I want to repeat it. I do not care that your parents are divorced. I am sorry for it, of course, but I understand that you live in a very different world from mine. As much as I believe a marriage vow is unbreakable, I am a realist. If two people do not make each other happy, and their society allows for them to divorce, and the woman is able to provide for herself, it does seem pointless for them to remain together. 

This Bella is adorable, too. She has a sense of humor, she is loving and wise beyond her years. Despite the time chasm separating them, they are obviously made for each other and they soon pass from pen friends to people in love. This is made clear when events we know about start happening.

My Dear Bella, 

If there is one thing I have learned as the result of my father's sudden death, it is that not one single day, not one single moment can be taken for granted. We waste entirely too much time trying to impress and appease those who do not truly matter, while neglecting those who do. My dearest Bella, my dearest friend, please allow me to tell you how very much I value and treasure our friendship. In these past weeks, you have come to mean more to me than I can begin to explain. I do not know by what miracle our friendship has been made possible, but I will never cease to thank Heaven for it, and for you. 

While Edward copes with the aftermath, (particularly with an obnoxious uncle he eventually sends packing) and with his mother’s grief, Bella tries as hard as she can to support him.

 Dear Edward, 

Tell your uncle to stick a sock in it. Seriously, Edward, don't let him push you around. He has absolutely no right to tell you what to do. Please, don't blame yourself for what happened. I'm sure there was nothing you could have done. If there were any signs to be noticed, I'm sure you would have. You need to remember what your father told you, take care of your mother. I cannot even imagine how horrible this must be for both of you. 

And, later,

There has been a lot of research done into how people grieve in the last 91 years. I tried to find out as much as I could, but we deal with grieving after a loss much differently than you do, so I don't know if this will help or not. ……………………………………….. There may be nothing you can do or say, she may just need you to sit quietly with her not talking. Just squeeze her hand or put your arm around her. If she mentions your father, let her talk. Don't let anyone tell her what she should or shouldn't feel. No one knows what she has lost more than you do, but even your loss is different from hers. It is important to try to get her to eat, though. She needs to eat and sleep, and she needs to get exercise. Does she garden? Can you and she go for a walk, or is she expected to not leave the house? We don't really do the whole wearing black all the time thing. Some people refuse to wear black at all after someone dies. I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful to you. They're remembering and celebrating the person's life, rather than mourning their death. You said you had gotten a lot of flowers, does your mother have a favorite flower? Maybe you can try to keep some around the house... Have you asked her if she would like you to play for her? If you play while she is in another room, could she hear you? That way, it could be up to her if she joins you or not. I wish I could hear you play. 

The story is a WIP, but Momatu tells us that it is complete and she updates every week. As I write, the story got to the point where Bella and Edward are madly in love and crushed by the fact that they will never meet in their lifetimes. However, the reader knows that Edward too will get the influenza and that Doctor Cullen is there, so Fate will make the impossible possible …..

]What else can I tell you?  Go read this story – accurate from the historical point of view and careful in every detail– and get lost in it as I am.